"Thanks for the great programs, great support, and reasonable costs over the past 22 years! [Other companies] could learn a thing or two from you guys." Alice Flick, EA, Castro Valley, CA
Update Policy
Updates may be downloaded from the Internet at no charge (Click here to download updates).
If you would like to receive major updates on CD for your program(s) via 1st Class mail, $25 is added to your shipping cost.

Please note the following exceptions:
  • Fill-N-Print is not covered by the Update CD service.
  • Due to the high quantity of NY Sales Tax Preparer updates, updates must be downloaded from the internet. Some updates will not be available on CD.

The option to purchase the Update CD Service is unselected by default and is reset to the Download option after completing an order.
You must manually choose the $25 update CD option each time you order, or it will be assumed that you intend to download updates from the Internet.