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Tax Seminars and Shows
Show schedules subject to change without notice.
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July 2018
Jul 30- Aug 1 NAEA-NTPI Conference Las Vegas, NV www.naea.org
August 2018
Aug 7-8 NATP National Conference & Expo Anaheim, CA www.natptax.com
September 2018
Sep 24 TaxSpeaker (Bob Jennings): Business Albuquerque, NM www.taxspeaker.com
Sep 26-27 FICPA Accounting & Business Show Ft. Lauderdale, FL www.ficpa.org
October 2018
Oct 19-22 NYSSEA Annual Conference Saratoga Springs, NY www.nyssea.org
Oct 29-31 EBAEA East Bay Tax Talk Dublin, CA ebaea.org
November 2018
Nov 26-28 Gear Up Royal Flush, Las Vegas Las Vegas, NV checkpointlearning.thomsonreuters.com
December 2018
Dec 11-14 Gear Up Magic Week, Orlando Orlando, FL checkpointlearning.thomsonreuters.com
Dec 17 TaxSpeaker (Bob Jennings): 1040 Salt Lake City, UT www.taxspeaker.com