"TaxTools is one of my most valuable resources and I wanted to be sure that I didn't miss it--last year due to my change in business status and moving into an office outside of home, I was very late in renewing and at the ..." Julia Hallford, Plano, TX
Expected Release Dates
Software Release Dates
ProgramYearSpecificationsExpected Release Date
CA 571 Preparer2022 Specifications 1/29/2022
CA Sales Tax Preparer2022 Specifications 2/23/2022
Financial Planning Tools2022 Specifications 3/30/2022
MD Personal Property2022 Specifications 2/24/2022
NY Sales Tax Preparer2022 Specifications 4/2/2022
Payroll System (941/940)2022 Specifications 1/27/2022
Payroll System (LivePayroll)2022 Specifications 1/27/2022
Payroll System (Payroll Corrector)2022 Specifications 1/27/2022
Payroll System (Payroll System Suite)2022 Specifications 1/27/2022
Payroll System (W2/1099 E-File add on)2021 Specifications 12/31/2021
Payroll System (W2/1099)2022 Specifications 9/30/2022
Quick Reference Guide2022 Specifications 1/27/2022
Schedule D Tools2022 Specifications 5/15/2022
Small Business Tools2022 Specifications 1/29/2022
Tax Corresponder2022 Specifications 1/29/2022
TaxTools2022 Specifications 1/27/2022
W4 Calculator2022 Specifications 1/29/2022