"CFS Payroll and TaxTools are essential products for CPAs. CFS is always helpful and easy. Quickbooks and Microsoft could learn customer service pointers from you. Yes, CFS is the gold standard both in product and when it ..." Edward T. Humpreville, CPA, Los Angeles, CA
Expected Release Dates
Software Release Dates
ProgramYearSpecificationsExpected Release Date
CA 571 Preparer2018 Specifications 1/20/2018
CA Sales Tax Preparer2018 Specifications 2/15/2018
Financial Planning Tools2018 Specifications 3/30/2018
MD Personal Property2018 Specifications 2/15/2018
NY Sales Tax Preparer2018 Specifications 4/2/2018
Payroll System (941/940)2018 Specifications 1/20/2018
Payroll System (LivePayroll)2018 Specifications 1/20/2018
Payroll System (Payroll Corrector)2018 Specifications 1/20/2018
Payroll System (Payroll System Suite)2018 Specifications 1/15/2018
Payroll System (W2/1099 E-File add on)2017 Specifications 12/31/2017
Payroll System (W2/1099)2018 Specifications 9/30/2018
Quick Reference Guide2018 Specifications 1/20/2018
Schedule D Tools2018 Specifications 5/15/2018
Small Business Tools2018 Specifications 1/20/2018
Tax Corresponder2018 Specifications 1/20/2018
TaxTools2018 Specifications 1/20/2018
W4 Calculator2018 Specifications 1/20/2018