"CFS Tax Software is phenomenal! The programs are user friendly and extremely comprehensive. The company is always adding to the programs based upon user suggestions. The price is very competitive, most times bordering on ..." Allen M. Karmelin, PA, West Palm Beach, FL
Expected Release Dates
Software Release Dates
ProgramYearSpecificationsExpected Release Date
CA 571 Preparer2022 Specifications 1/29/2022
CA Sales Tax Preparer2022 Specifications 2/23/2022
Financial Planning Tools2022 Specifications 3/30/2022
MD Personal Property2022 Specifications 2/24/2022
NY Sales Tax Preparer2022 Specifications 4/2/2022
Payroll System (941/940)2022 Specifications 1/27/2022
Payroll System (LivePayroll)2022 Specifications 1/27/2022
Payroll System (Payroll Corrector)2022 Specifications 1/27/2022
Payroll System (Payroll System Suite)2022 Specifications 1/27/2022
Payroll System (W2/1099 E-File add on)2021 Specifications 12/31/2021
Payroll System (W2/1099)2021 Specifications 9/30/2021
Quick Reference Guide2022 Specifications 1/27/2022
Schedule D Tools2022 Specifications 5/15/2022
Small Business Tools2022 Specifications 1/29/2022
Tax Corresponder2022 Specifications 1/29/2022
TaxTools2022 Specifications 1/27/2022
W4 Calculator2022 Specifications 1/29/2022