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Software Tools Essential to Starting, Running, and Terminating a Small Business
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Released in January of each year
CFS Small Business Tools contains over 150 modules essential to starting, running, and terminating a small business, with the same convenient interface as our other "toolbox" programs.

Small Business Tools includes:
  • Corporate and Individual Federal/State Tax Planner — Five year projections or five separate scenarios may be entered and viewed at one time. Includes calculations for AMT tax and input for state tax rates and minimum corporate tax. Includes:

  • Templates for preparing a comprehensive business plan, accountable reimbursement plans, independent contractor agreements, minutes and bylaws of a corporation.

  • Checklists for starting a business, preparing partnership and LLC operating agreements and liquidating a corporation.

  • Utility modules such as Auto Lease vs. Buy, Paycheck Withholding Calculator, MACRS Depreciation, and Cash T Analysis.

  • Corporation and Partnership forms for preparing simple tax returns.

  • Other Federal forms such as Application for Federal Identification Number, S Corporation Election, and Power of Attorney.
General Utilities and Calculations:
  • 5 Year Corporate Federal/State Tax Planner
  • 5 Year Individual Federal/State Tax Planner
  • Accountable Business Exp. Reimbursement Plan
  • Auto Lease vs Buy Comparison
  • Auto Mileage and Expense Log
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Business Plan (simple)
  • Business Plan (full)
  • Buy vs Lease - Equipment
  • Bylaws of Corporation
  • Cash T Analysis
  • Checklist: Corporation Liquidation
  • Checklist: LLC Operating Agreement
  • Checklist: Partnership Agreement Planning
  • Checklist: Safeguarding Taxpayer Data
  • Checklist: Starting a Business
  • Client Contact Log Sheet
  • Client Filing Due Date Reminder
  • Client Filing Instructions (2)
  • Domestic Production Activities Wksht - Form 8903
  • Employee Expense Report (Blank) (2)
  • Employee Time Sheet
  • Fax Cover Sheet
  • General Ledger
  • Hiring Your Dependent Child
  • Income Statement - Tax/Financial
  • Independent Contractor Agreement, Corporation
  • Independent Contractor Agreement, General
  • Individual 401(k) Plan Contribution
  • Invoice
  • Keogh/SEP Plan Contribution (Single)
  • Keogh/SEP Plan Contribution (Combination)
  • Label Maker (IRS/State/Custom/Client)
  • MACRS Depreciation
  • Minutes: Bank Resolution
  • Minutes of Annual Shareholder's Meeting
  • Minutes of Director's Annual Meeting
  • Minutes of First Meeting of the Board of Directors
  • Minutes: Special Meeting Waiver of Notice
  • Missing Information Sheet
  • Net Worth Statement
  • Partner's Basis Worksheet
  • Partnership Agreement
  • Paycheck Withholding Calculator
  • Pension Plan Contribution Summary
  • Promissory Note
  • Promissory Note Ledger
  • Quick Memo
  • Self-Insured Medical Reimbursement Plan template
  • Shareholder's Basis Worksheet
  • Small Business Health Care Tax Credit Worksheet
  • Stmnt. of Prop. Trans. to a Corp... (IRC Sect. 351)
  • Statement of Account
  • To Do List

  • Office in Home
  • Payroll Deposits
Federal Forms:
  • 966 (Corp. Dissolution or Liquidation)
  • 1040-ES (Est. Tax for Individuals)
  • 1065 (U.S. Partnership Return of Income)
  • Schedule K-1 (Form 1065 - Partner's...)
  • 1120 (U.S. Corporation Income Tax)
  • 1120S (U.S. Income Tax Return for...)
  • Schedule K-1 (Form 1120S)
  • 1128 (App. To Adopt, Change, or Retain a Tax Year)
  • 1139 (Corp. Appl. for Tentative Refund)
  • 2553 (S Corporation Election)
  • 2848 (Power of Attorney)
  • 3115 (Change in Accounting Method)
  • 4562 (Depreciation and Amortization)
  • 5500-EZ (Ann. Ret. of One-Part. Retirement Plan)
  • 5558 (App. for Ext. of Time to File Certain Emp...)
  • 7004 (Corporate Extension)
  • 8300 (Rpt. of Cash Payments >$10,000)
  • 8594 (Asset Acquisition Statement)
  • 8822 (Change of Address)
  • 8832 (Entity Classification Election)
  • I-9 (Employment Eligibility Verification)
  • SBA 413 (Personal Financial Statement)
  • SS-4 (Application for EIN)
  • SS-8 (Determination of Worker Status)
  • W-4 (Emp. Withholding Allowance Cert.)
  • W-9 (Request for Taxpayer ID Number)
  • Generic Tax Form Attachment Page
State Forms:
  • 100 (Corp. Income Tax - CA)
  • 100S (Income Tax Return for an S ... - CA)
  • Schedule K-1 (Form 100S - CA)
  • 100-ES (Corp. Est. Tax - CA)
  • 540-ES (Est. Tax Ind. - CA)
  • 565 (Partnership - CA)
  • Schedule K-1 (Form 565 - CA)
  • 568 (LLC, 2009 - CA)
  • Schedule K-1 (Form 568 - CA)
  • 3520 (FTB POA - CA)
  • 3522 (LLC Tax Voucher - CA)
  • 3533 (Change of Address - CA)
  • 3536 (Estimated Fee for LLCs - CA)
  • 3537 (LLC Ext. Filer - CA)
  • 3538 (LP/LLP/REMIC Ext. Filer - CA)
  • 3539 (Corp. Ext. Filer - CA)
  • 3555 (Req. for Tax Clearance - Corp. - CA)
  • 3555L (Req. for Tax Clearance - LLC or LLP - CA)
  • 3557 (Application for Certificate of Revivor - CA)
  • BOE-65 (Close-Out for Seller Permit - CA)
  • BOE-392 (POA - CA)
  • BOE-400-SPA (App. for Seller's Permit - CA)
  • DE-1 (Appl. for EIN - CA)
  • DE-4 (Emp. W/H Cert. - CA)
  • DE-24 (Change of Address - CA)
  • DE-34 (New Employees - CA)
  • DE-48 (Power of Attorney EDD - CA)
  • DE-542 (Report of Independent Contractors - CA)
  • Articles of Incorporation - CA
  • Articles of Incorporation for Professional Corp. - CA
  • LLC-1 (LLC Articles of Organization - CA)
  • LLC-1A (LLC Art. of Org. - Conversion - CA)
  • LLC-3 (LLC Certificate of Dissolution - CA)
  • LLC-4/7 (LLC Certificate of Cancellation - CA)
  • LLC-12R (LLC - Statement of Information - CA)
  • SI-100 (Stmnt. of Info. (Domestic Nonprofit Corp.) - CA)
  • SI-200 (Stmnt. of Info. (Domestic Stock Corp.) - CA)
  • SI-350 (Stmnt. of Info. (Foreign Corp.) - CA)
  • DISS STK (Certificate of Dissolution - CA)
  • DSF STK (Short Form Certificate of Dissolution - CA)
  • ELEC STK (Cert. of Elec. to Wind Up and Dissolve - CA)
  • CT-6 (Election by a Small Business Corp. - NY)
  • NYS-100 (Emp. Reg. for UI, W/H, and Wage Rep. - NY)
  • POA-1 (Power of Attorney - NY)
  • CT-4 (NY Gen. Bus. Corp. Tax Ret... - NY)
  • NYC-4S (NY City General Corp. ... - NYC)
Publications (in PDF Format):
  • 1038 (Instr. for Corps. Req. a Tax Clearance ... - CA)
  • 15 (Circular E, Employer's Tax Guide)
  • 15-A (Employer's Supplemental Tax Guide)
  • 334 (Tax Guide for Small Business)
  • 509 (Tax Calendars)
  • 533 (Self-Employment Tax)
  • 541 (Partnerships)
  • 542 (Corporations)
  • 560 (Retirement Plans for Small Business)
  • 583 (Starting a Business and Keeping Records)
  • 587 (Business Use of Your Home)
  • FTB 1038 (Inst. for Corp. Req. a Tax Clearance ... - CA)
  • FTB 1149 (Terminating a Corporation - CA)
  • FTB 1151 (Terminating a Business Entity - CA)
Starting a Business Checklist
Disclaimer: This checklist is provided to help you start your business. Due to the various policy and legislative changes that occur frequently, some of these steps may not apply to your business. Additionally, there may be other steps that are required by your business that are not covered here. As always, legal counsel is strongly advised.

  • Choose a business.
  • Research the business idea.
  • Consult your tax professional regarding tax aspects of various business entities.
  • Consult an attorney regarding federal and state laws governing creation, ownership, and operation of the entity.
  • Write a business plan and marketing plan.
  • Choose a business name.
  • See if the business name is available for use as an Internet domain name. Register the domain name even if you aren't ready to use it yet.
  • Choose a location for the business.
  • Check zoning laws.
  • File partnership, corporate or limited liability company papers.
  • Contact the Internal Revenue Service to apply for your federal identification number and for filing your federal tax schedules.
  • Apply for state employer identification number if you will have employees.
  • Find out about worker's compensation if you will have employees.
  • Apply for sales tax number if needed.
  • File state tax forms.
  • Check to get any required business licenses or permits. Register or reserve federal trademark/service mark. Register copyrights.
  • Apply for patent if you will be marketing an invention.
  • Order any required notices.
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System Requirements
  • OS: Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7 SP1, Windows Server 2022, Windows Server 2019, Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1
  • Processor and RAM appropriate for the operating system
  • Minimum 100MB hard drive space