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PDF Support
Adds PDF File Support
CFS supports the use of PDF995 printer driver from Software995 for the creation of PDF files. CFS provides a setup program to install PDF995 as a printer driver on the user's computer. Users may print to the PDF995 printer driver from any program by selecting it in the printer dialog box at the beginning of a print job.

Once PDF995 is installed it can be accessed from the File/print menu of any open form. Choose pdf995 from the list of printers and and a dialog box will appear with options for pdf printing, emailing, or saving.

Our programs take advantage of several powerful features of the PDF995 printer driver. When selecting PDF995 as the printer driver an options dialog box will appear. A Save Settings button will save all options settings to be used for the next PDF file. Users may check options to:

View PDF (launch default PDF viewer)
This option will display the PDF file in the computer's default PDF viewer, usually Adobe Acrobat Reader or Adobe Acrobat. Your computer must have a program installed to view PDF files and the PDF file extension must be associated with it.

Create Email to Client with PDF attachment
This option will create an email message to the current client (if the client has an email address entered in the Client database) with the PDF file as an attachment. The computer must have a MAPI compliant email program (such as Outlook or Outlook Express; not web-based email such as Yahoo or AOL). The email creation screen will be displayed on screen for the user to add a subject and message before sending it.

Add Stamp to PDF
This option will create a diagonal gray stamp (watermark) across all pages of the PDF file. The user may specify the text of the stamp in the adjacent box.
File Output Options
Save to Client's folder:
The Save As dialog box will open to the current client's folder. The user may then enter the desired file name. PDF files saved in the client's folder will appear on the Client Folder pane of the main program window and may be viewed by double clicking the name of the PDF file.

Save to My Documents folder:
The Save As dialog box will open to the user's My Documents folder.

Save to Specified Directory:
The Save As dialog box will open to the drive and directory specified by the drive and directory lists shown.
  • Go to the Downloads page.
  • Right-click the download link for PDF Printing Support and click "Save Target As..."
  • Save the file to your desktop.
  • Wait for the download to finish.
  • Run the file from your desktop.
  • Click the Setup button.
  • Click OK to start the setup process.
  • NOTE: You will not see any progress screens. This is normal, just be patient and wait for the completion message to appear. It will take more than a minute to finish.