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Financial Planning Tools ™
Specialized Tools for Financial Planners/Advisors
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Each new year of Financial Planning Tools replaces the previous year's program, which changes to read-only mode after May 31st.
Released late March of each year (includes free summer update)
CFS Financial Planning Tools uses the same interface as our popular TaxTools program, offering the same powerful integration of planning modules and client database, but geared towards the financial planner/advisor. Financial Planning Tools includes a comprehensive Financial Planner module as well as over 100 Forms, Worksheets, Flowcharts, and Calculators.

  • Bar charts, graphs and pie charts can be printed in color.
  • Imports clients and preparers from other CFS programs.
  • Inflation factor built into worksheets and calculators.
  • Tutorial guides the user through the many features.
  • Includes sample client with data.

Comprehensive Financial Planner module includes long-term cash flow projections, education funding analysis, life/disability/long-term care insurance needs, and estate tax liability and planning reports. Prints presentation-style Personal Financial Plan (in color).

Forms ADV-Part 1A and ADV-Part 1B with Schedules for filing financial disclosure reports with the SEC.

Other easy-to-use modules, such as IRA - Minimum Distribution Payout Projection, Social Security - Take it at Age 62 or later, Comparison of Will & Living Trust, and Credit Card Reduction Planner, allow you to quickly answer your financial planning clients' questions.

Various Investment & Loan Calculators are handy for quick loan amortization and future-value calculations.

Useful document templates for financial planners, including Business Plan, Financial Planning Agreement, and Investment Advisor Client Contracts.

The Financial Planner is designed to do the following for your clients:
  • State goals and objectives
  • Summarize current net worth
  • Show asset allocation by investment type and asset category
  • Project living expenses adjusted for inflation
  • Automatically sell assets to balance cash flow needs
  • Accumulate and redistribute surplus cash flow as needed
  • Project long-term cash flow over the taxpayer and spouse's lifetime
  • Project retirement expense and income
  • Project retirement capital growth for all retirement accounts
  • Calculate children's education needs and funding requirements
  • Perform survivor needs analysis to determine life insurance needs
  • Perform disability needs analysis
  • Determine long-term care insurance needs
  • Show estate tax liability for selected year and advantage of a credit shelter trust
  • Summarize client information and assumptions
  • View/Print Client Organizer with prior data
General Utilities and Calculations:
  • Financial Planner
  • 401(k) Calculator
  • 401(k) vs Taxable Investment
  • After-Tax Loan Refinance Analysis
  • After-Tax Equivalent Yield Calculator
  • Annuity - Joint/Survivor After 1997
  • Annuity - New Simplified Rule
  • Balance Sheet / Personal
  • Balance Sheet / Statement of Net Worth
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Bond Yield and Pricing Calculator
  • Business Plan (Simple)
  • Buy vs Lease (Auto)
  • Buy vs Rent (Residence)
  • College Fund Planner
  • College Savings Plans: 529 Plan vs Alternatives
  • Comparing a Probated Will with a Living Trust
  • Credit Card Debt Reduction Planner
  • Estate Tax Calculator
  • Estate Tax Deduction on IRD (IRC 691)
  • Fax Cover Sheet
  • Federal/State Tax Planner
  • Financial Planning Client Data Organizer (blank)
  • Health Savings Account (HSA) Evaluator
  • Hiring Your Dependent Child
  • Income Statement - Financial
  • Invoice
  • IRA Calculator
  • IRA: Distribution Before Age 59 1/2
  • IRA: Distribution/Contribution/Basis
  • IRA: Earnings Lost Due to Early Distribution
  • IRA: Inherited IRA - RMD
  • IRA: Minimum Distribution
  • IRA: Minimum Distribution - Multiple Acct Wksht
  • IRA: Minimum Distribution Payout Proj.
  • IRA: Why Convert a Traditional IRA to a ROTH IRA?
  • IRA: Comparing the Roth IRA with Other IRAs
  • Individual 401(k) Plan Contribution
  • Keogh/SEP Combined Plan Calculator
  • Keogh/SEP/401(k) Calculator
  • Keogh/SEP Single Plan Calculator
  • Labels - Gov't/Mutual Fund/Custom
  • Lump Sum Distribution Tax Calculator
  • Memo
  • Missing Information Sheet
  • Mutual Fund Basis Calculator
  • Pension: Evaluating Withdrawal Options
  • Personal Finance & Estate Organizer (PDF)
  • Qualify for Home Purchase
  • Retirement Income and Estate Planner (TRA of 2001)
  • Social Security: Take it at Age 62 or Later?
  • Social Security - Joint Survivor Options
  • Statement of Account
  • Stock Basis Worksheet for Divestitures
  • To Do List
  • Time Share Ownership Compared to a Vacation Rental
  • Trust Instrument Summary
Federal Forms:
  • Financial Consulting Agreement
  • Financial Planning Agreement
  • Form ADV - Part 1A, Uniform App. for I.A. Reg. (IARD)
  • Form ADV - Part 1B, Uniform App. for I.A. Reg. (IARD)
  • Form ADV - Part 2 Uni. Req. for I.A. Brochure (IARD)
  • Form ADV - Part 2A, Firm Brochure Template
  • Form ADV - Part 2A, Apdx. 1, Wrap Fee Prog Broch. Temp.
  • Form ADV - Part 2B, Brochure Supplement Template
  • Form ADV - Domestic I.A. Execution Page (IARD)
  • Form ADV - Non-Resident I.A. Execution (IARD)
  • Form ADV - State-Registered I.A. Execution Page (IARD)
  • Form ADV-H - App. for a Temp. or Cont. H/S Exemp. (IARD)
  • Form ADV-W - Notice of W/D From Reg. as I.A. (IARD)
  • Form ADV E - Cert. of Accting. of Client Sec... (IARD)
  • U-4 Uni. App. for Sec. Industry Reg. or Transfer
  • W-4 (Emp. Withholding Allowance Cert.)
  • W-4V (Voluntary Withholding Request)
  • W-9 (Request for Taxpayer ID Number)
  • Form 709 (US Gift/Gen-Skipping Transfer Tax Rtn)
State Forms:
  • DE-4 (Employee W/H Certificate - CA)
  • Capital Computation Worksheet (260.237.1) - CA
  • Consent to Service of Process (260.165) - CA
  • Customer Auth. of Disclosure of Fin. Recs. (500.261) - CA
  • Statement of Cit., Alienage, and Immig. Stat. (250.61) - CA
  • Verification Form Pursuant to Rules 260.241.2(b) - CA
Financial Calculations:
  • Bi-Weekly Mortgage Conversion
  • How Much Insurance is Needed?
  • Inv: How Much do I Need to Save For Retirement?
  • Inv: How Can You Reach Your Investment Goal?
  • Inv: How Much Money Can You Save?
  • Inv: How Much Must Your Initial Investment Be?
  • Inv: How Much Must You Contribute Each Period?
  • Inv: How Much Retirement Income Can I Expect?
  • Inv: How Much Will P/T Work During Ret. Reduce Savings
  • Inv: How Long Will It Take to Reach Your Goal?
  • Inv: What Rate of Return Must You Achieve?
  • Irregular Loan Amortization
  • Loan: Can You Afford This Loan?
  • Loan: How Large Can Your Loan Be?
  • Loan: How Much Will Your Loan Payment Be?
  • Loan: How Long Will It Take to Pay Your Loan?
  • Loan: How Will a Lump Sum Payment Reduce the Loan?
  • Loan: What Is the Interest Rate on Your Loan?
  • Loan: Comparison of 10, 15, 20, and 30 Year Mortgages?
  • Loan: Comp. of Fixed Rate Loan to ARM to Int. Only ARM
  • Loan: Reverse Mortgage Estimator
  • Loan: Which Mortgage is More Cost Effective?

  • IRAs Inherited
  • Office in Home
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System Requirements
  • OS: Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2022, Windows Server 2019, Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2008
  • Processor and RAM appropriate for the operating system
  • Minimum 100MB hard drive space