"CFS Tax Software is phenomenal! The programs are user friendly and extremely comprehensive. The company is always adding to the programs based upon user suggestions. The price is very competitive, most times bordering on ..." Allen M. Karmelin, PA, West Palm Beach, FL
Toolbox Software
TaxTools ™ Powerful Tax Planning, Retirement and Financial Utilities, PLUS Tax Forms and Flowcharts
Financial Planning Tools ™ Specialized Tools for Financial Planners/Advisors
Schedule D Tools ™ Track Basis and Calculate Stock Sales
Small Business Tools ™ Software tools essential to starting, running, and terminating a small business
Payroll System
LivePayroll ™ (incl. 941/940) Process payroll, print paychecks & stubs, and file all payroll tax returns.
941/940 ™ Intuitive and Easy-to-Use After-the-Fact Payroll
W2/1099 ™ A Fast, Easy, and Economical Way to Prepare Information Returns
W2/1099 E-File add-on ™ Electronically file forms with this add-on to W2/1099
Payroll Corrector ™ For W-2c, W-3c, 941c, DE-678(CA) and NYS-45X Preparation
Utility Software
CA Sales Tax Preparer ™ Calculates and Prints California Sales Tax Returns
NY Sales Tax Preparer ™ Calculates and Prints New York Sales Tax Returns
CA 571 Preparer ™ Prepares California Business Property Tax Statement
MD Personal Property ™ Prepares Maryland Personal Property Returns
Tax Corresponder ™ Time Saving Tax Correspondence Templates
W4 Calculator ™ Adjust Payroll Withholding Throughout the Year
Quick Reference Guide ™ Tables, charts, and other information used by tax professionals
Other Software
Fill-N-Print Tax Forms ™ The complete answer for your tax forms needs
Multi Program Network License Eliminates the need for separate network licenses
Paper Products
Forms & Envelopes Red forms, blank perforated stock and envelopes
Tax Return Supplies Tax Return Folders, Envelopes, Portfolio Products & more.
Custom Folders Custom Folders. Customize your own folders.
Business Checks Print your own business checks.