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CFS Forms Price Comparison
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Note: CFS: 10% off for ordering before 10/31/05. Greatland: 5% off for ordering online
Pricing information based on August 2005 published prices in catalog and/or on website
Six Reasons to Buy Your Forms from CFS...
1. Competitive Pricing
As you can see by the spreadsheet, our prices are significantly lower than those of our competitors.

2. Per Sheet Price
When you look at our competitors' prices, keep in mind that many of them price by form, rather than by sheet. This makes their prices look great for a 2- or 3-up form, but you will actually pay 2 or 3 times that amount per sheet. All of our forms are priced per sheet, regardless of the number of forms on the sheet.

3. Combined Quantity Discounts
Most of our competitors have different prices for different forms, with separate quantity discounts for each form. CFS keeps it simple: all of our forms and envelopes have the same low price, and our quantity discounts are based on the combined total of all of the forms and envelopes you buy. This means you can mix and match forms and envelopes and still take advantage of our quantity discounts.

4. Early Shipping
We start shipping in June, so you can be sure of having all of the forms you need well before the beginning of tax season.

5. Excellent Service
CFS will fill your order promptly and accurately, and ship it to you ASAP. Other forms services will occasionally run out of forms, and when they do, you're out of luck. At CFS we guarantee that we will have the forms you need, when you need them.

6. Guaranteed Compatibility
Not all forms are created equal. Even slight variations in field locations, margins and the location of tear-off strips will cause data to be printed in the wrong location. When you buy forms from CFS, you know you are buying forms that are 100% compatible with our software.