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Download CFS Software Demos
These demos are fully functioning versions of the software.
However, certain print functions may have either been disabled or the software generated forms are non-fileable versions.

To Install:
  • Click [Download] button.
  • Save the file to be downloaded to your computer's hard drive and be sure to note its filename and location.
  • When the download is complete run the downloaded file using the Windows Start|Run menu option.
  • A setup program will be launched automatically to guide you through the software installation process.
  • If the installation prompts for a license code and you want to run it in demo mode, type DEMO.
Downloadable Software
ProgramYearVersionDownloadSpecificationsFile Size
SSA Accuwage 1.0.0 Specifications
CA 571 Preparer 2020 20.021 Specifications 21,720 KB
CA Sales Tax Preparer 2020 20.071 Specifications 22,785 KB
Fill-N-Print Forms   Specifications
Financial Planning Tools 2020 20.091 Specifications 35,899 KB
MD Personal Property 2020 Specifications 10,815 KB
NY Sales Tax Preparer 2020 Specifications 14,651 KB
Payroll System (941/940, LivePayroll, Payroll Corrector, and/or W2/1099) 2020 20.102 Specifications 50,567 KB
Quick Reference Guide 2020 2020.03 Specifications 25,665 KB
Schedule D Tools 2020 Specifications 16,134 KB
Schedule D Tools Data Entry 2020 20.001 Specifications 14,980 KB
Small Business Tools 2020 Specifications 45,574 KB
Tax Corresponder 2020 20.012 Specifications 20,435 KB
TaxTools 2020 20.091 Specifications 41,799 KB
W4 Calculator 2020 20.031 Specifications 27,411 KB
PDF Printing Support Specifications 13,773 KB
Upcoming Releases
ProgramYearSpecificationsRelease Date
CA 571 Preparer2021 Specifications 1/15/2021
CA Sales Tax Preparer2021 Specifications 2/7/2021
Financial Planning Tools2021 Specifications 3/30/2021
MD Personal Property2021 Specifications 2/24/2021
NY Sales Tax Preparer2021 Specifications 4/2/2021
Payroll System (941/940)2021 Specifications 1/15/2021
Payroll System (LivePayroll)2021 Specifications 1/15/2021
Payroll System (Payroll Corrector)2021 Specifications 1/15/2021
Payroll System (Payroll System Suite)2021 Specifications 1/15/2021
Payroll System (W2/1099 E-File add on)2020 Specifications 12/31/2020
Payroll System (W2/1099)2021 Specifications 9/30/2021
Quick Reference Guide2021 Specifications 1/15/2021
Schedule D Tools2021 Specifications 5/15/2021
Small Business Tools2021 Specifications 1/17/2021
Tax Corresponder2021 Specifications 1/15/2021
TaxTools2021 Specifications 1/15/2021
W4 Calculator2021 Specifications 1/15/2021