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Software Installation Instructions
Payroll System, Financial Planning Tools, or other programs
General Notes

  • To install programs on Windows XP, 7, 8, 10 or 11 systems, you must have administrator rights.
  • The following instructions refer to the computer's hard drive as C: - if your computer is configured differently, substitute the appropriate drive letter.

License Code

When prompted, key in your firm name, customer ID, address and license code exactly as they appear on the mailing label or receipt.

You must enter the correct license code to access the software you have purchased, and your firm name must match the firm name on the label or receipt in order for the license code to work.

If the firm names do not match, call or fax CFS to have your firm name updated and a new license code issued.

If you purchase additional software in the future, you will receive a new license code that you must enter. Your license code will allow you to install demo versions of any programs you have not purchased.

Automated Web Updates

Most CFS programs can be automatically updated from the Internet in one of two ways listed below.

Note: Automated updates are not available for Quick Reference Guide. Quick Reference Guide may either be updated from CD or by downloading and installing the latest version of the compete program from the Download Software page.

1. Update from within the program:

  1. Connect to the Internet using your web browser.
  2. Open the CFS program you wish to update.
  3. Select "Update from the Web" from the program's Internet Options menu.
  4. A message will tell you whether an update is available; if so, click "Download Now" to download and install it.

2. Update on startup:

If you have a permanent, high-speed Internet connection (cable, DSL, LAN, etc.), programs may be configured to automatically check for web updates upon startup. To activate this option, check the "Check for web updates when program starts" box on the Configuration menu.

NOTE: This option will not work properly unless you have a permanent, high speed connection to the Internet.

CFS Software Installer:

NOTE: We strongly recommend that you allow CFS Software Installer to install to the default directory (C:\CFSLIB\XX2019, where XX is the two-letter abbreviation for the program name). You may change the drive letter, but make sure you include the path (i.e. D:\CFSLIB\TT2019). Do not install to the root of the drive or to last year's program directory.

  1. Close all running Windows applications.
  2. Put the CFS Software CD in the computer's CD-ROM drive.
  3. CFS Software Installer should start automatically. If it doesn't, Press the WINDOWS KEY + R (the WINDOWS KEY is located between the Ctrl Key and the Alt Key lower left corner of the keyboard), type D:\SETUP.EXE in the Open box, and click OK.
  4. You will be prompted for your customer ID, license code and firm information. This must match the information printed on your mailing label or receipt. (NOTE: If you have purchased additional software since your last installation, only the last few characters of your license code may have changed, so make sure that all characters match the code on your mailing label or receipt.)
  5. CFS Software Installer will list all CFS programs which are currently installed on the system, indicating which programs need to be updated. Click "Next" to update all selected programs to the latest versions.
  6. When currently installed programs (if any) have been updated, CFS Software Installer will present a list of additional programs which may be installed. Currently licensed programs will be highlighted. (Additional programs may be selected for installation, but they will only operate in Demo Mode.)
  7. When all programs you wish to install have been selected, click "Next". Each program's setup will be run consecutively. Follow the instructions for each setup. Do not launch any programs or reboot system until all installations have been completed.

Network Installation

NOTE: You must purchase the network license to install software to a network.

Install the program to the network server following the installation instructions above. (NOTE: Program must be installed to a mapped drive. If you change the drive letter, make sure you include the path, i.e., F:\CFSLIB\TT2019). Make a note of the directory where the program is installed; the Workstation Setup directory ("WSSETUP") will be located there.

The first time the program is installed, Workstation Setup must be run from each workstation in order to install Windows system files and program icons. From each work station, run SETUP.EXE located in the WSSETUP sub-directory of the program directory specified during installation. (The CD is not used.)

NOTE: Workstation Setup should only be run the first time you install the program. When installing updates, you need only install to the server.

Example of a first-time network installation: Adam's office has a network with a server mapped as drive F: and five workstations. He is installing TaxTools 2019 for the first time.

  1. Adam inserts the CD in the CD-ROM drive at his workstation and uses CFS Software Installer to install TaxTools 2019 to the following directory: F:\CFSLIB\TT2019. When installation to the server is complete, Adam removes the CD from his CD-ROM drive. (At this point, the installation to the server is complete and Adam's workstation is set up; the CD is no longer required.)
  2. At each of the other four workstations, Adam runs the Workstation Setup by doing the following: Press the WINDOWS KEY + R (the WINDOWS KEY is located between the Ctrl Key and the Alt Key lower left corner of the keyboard); type F:\CFSLIB\TT2019\WSSETUP\SETUP in the Open box; click OK. When Workstation Setup has been run at each of the other four workstations, installation is complete.

Example of a network update: Eve installs TaxTools 2019 in January. In July she receives a CD containing a program update. She inserts the CD in the CD-ROM drive at her workstation. CFS Software Installer detects that TaxTools 2019 is installed on drive F: and should be updated. Eve proceeds with the update. When installation to the server is complete, Eve removes the CD from her CD-ROM drive. (Workstation Setup is not required.)

Instructional Videos and Tutorials

Context-sensitive help is available in any CFS program by pressing F1, or the Help file may be accessed from the Help pull-down menu. Instructional Videos and Tutorials are posted on our web site, and may also be accessed from the Help menu.

Importing Client Data

Most CFS programs allow client data to be imported from other CFS programs and from other major tax preparation programs. To import client data, select the appropriate import utility from the Utilities menu.