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In this issue:

  • Fall Renewal/Confirmation Notices
  • ACA Forms to Be Added to Payroll System
  • W2/1099 Released
  • Please Inspect Your Order

Fall Renewal/Confirmation Notices
Summer is officially over, and that means it's time for Fall Renewal and Confirmation Notices. If you have not renewed your CFS products for 2016, you may have already received a Fall Renewal Notice; if you have renewed, you will soon receive a Confirmation Notice listing the CFS products you have previously ordered this year.

If you haven't renewed, please consider the following benefits of renewing now:

  • Avoid the stress of having to place your order when your office and ours are at their busiest.
  • Resolve potential software or hardware problems before tax season begins by installing and testing your software early.

Plus, if you renew by October 31st, you will receive:

  • 10% off the first-time purchase of additional CFS software or network upgrades, and
  • 10% off forms, envelopes, and tax supplies.

Click here to log in to your MyCFS account and renew online.

ACA Forms to Be Added to Payroll System
Four ACA-mandated information returns will soon be added to Payroll System. The returns are categorized as "General Forms," which means they can be accessed by users of LivePayroll, 941/940, or W2/1099.

Forms 1095-B (Health Coverage) and 1094-B (Transmittal of Health Coverage Information Returns) are to be filed by insurance companies, as well as small employers with self-insured health plans. Forms 1095-C (Employer-Provided Health Insurance Offer and Coverage) and 1094-C (Transmittal of Employer-Provided Health Insurance Offer and Coverage Information Returns) are to be filed by certain "applicable large employers."

Note: These are not payroll forms; they are used to report information concerning health insurance coverage to employees and to the federal government. The Payroll System does not contain such data. It can only fill in the employee names and addresses; the user must enter the rest of the data manually. However, we have provided an import function that will populate the entire form, provided the user has another program that will export such data in CSV format.

For more information on ACA reporting requirements, see this IRS Health Care Tax Tip.

W2/1099 Released
W2/1099 E-File Add-OnW2/1099 has been released and is available for download. If you already have another 2015 Payroll System program installed (941/940, LivePayroll, or Corrector), you don't need to install the full program. Just make sure you have installed the latest Payroll System update and are using the correct license code.

If, like most customers, you purchased W2/1099 after you purchased other CFS programs, the license code you received when you purchased those other programs will not work for W2/1099. You must use the new license code you received when you purchased W2/1099. To update your license code, select "Firm Information..." from the File menu, and enter your new license code in the License Code field. You can obtain your current license code by by logging in to your MyCFS account, here.

For tips on using W2/1099, including detailed instructions on how to obtain and update your license code, see the Year-end Forms Filing Tips for W-2s and 1099s video on our Instructional Videos page.

We will begin shipping CDs and form starter kits next month. You will receive a CD if you paid for the CD shipping option when you ordered the program. You will receive a form starter kit—an assortment of red forms, envelopes, and blank perforated stock—if you are a first-time purchaser of W2/1099 or if you renewed it by May 31st. If you are to receive both a CD and a starter kit, in most cases they will arrive in the same shipment.

Please Inspect Your Order
When you receive an order of tax forms or supplies from us, please make sure that you inspect it immediately. Verify that we sent the correct items, and that there is nothing you forgot to order. Keep in mind that items may be damaged in transit.

Damages or discrepancies must be reported within 14 days of receiving your order. Our supplies return policy covers you for 30 days, but tax forms cannot be returned for refund after December 15th. Refunds do not include shipping charges.

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