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W2/1099 E-file Add-onIn this issue:

  • Last Day to E-file Information Returns
  • Form 941
  • Have You Moved?
  • We Won't Leave You Hanging

Last Day to E-file Information Returns
March 31st is the deadline to e-file your information returns using W2/1099 Payroll System and the W2/1099 E-file Add-on. However, you must have an EIN (file Form SS-4), and:

  • To e-file Forms W-2 you must have a User ID (call SSA at 1-800-772-6270);
  • To e-file Forms 1099 you must have a TCC number (file Form 4419).

If you have not previously obtained the above, you should request them immediately. It is too late to receive them before the filing deadline, so you should also immediately request an extension by completing a fill-in Form 8809 through the IRS Fire system.

Form SS-4, Application for Employer Identification Number, and Form 4419, Application for Filing Information Returns Electronically, are included in CFS Payroll System, as are links to the Social Security and IRS web sites. We have also posted Instructional Videos on our web site explaining the e-file process for W2s and 1099s.

Form 941
We recently posted a Payroll System 2015 update containing Form 941 for 2015. The update can be downloaded automatically from within the program or manually from the Payroll System Updates page on our website.

Every year we post an update containing Form 941 as soon as possible after the IRS form is released. (Time is needed to program the form, test it, and get approval from the IRS.) The update is generally posted in mid-March, which we feel is reasonable, considering the form isn't due until April 30th. Yet every year we get calls weeks-even months-before the form is due, asking why it hasn't yet been released. And every year we ask ourselves, "Why are so many customers so eager to get this form so early?"

One possibility is that they are using Form 941 to calculate their clients' payroll tax liabilities. But there is another way to do this. Payroll System contains three Payroll Deposit Record modules: Federal Payroll Deposit Record - Form 941, Federal Payroll Deposit Record - Form 940, and State Payroll Deposit Record . These modules are designed to calculate the tax liability on any given payroll period or date, as well as accumulate payments made.

For more information, see the Payroll System Help file.

Have You Moved?
It will soon be time for spring renewal notices to go out. If past years are any indication, we can expect a good many of them to come back to us because of incorrect addresses. Often, this is the only way we find out that a customer has moved.

It's easy to inform us of changes in your address, firm name, contact name, phone number, or e-mail. You can fax changes to us at 805-522-0187 or contact customer service through our web page. However, the best way to inform us of a change is through your MyCFS account. Log in to your MyCFS account and select "Firm Name/Address/Email Change," or click here.

Don't let an incorrect address prevent you from receiving your software and supplies on time!

We Won't Leave You Hanging
LivePayrollWhen you call CFS for technical support, our customer service representatives do their best to quickly connect you directly to a support technician. However, this is not always possible, especially during the December-January busy season. And when it isn't possible, some customers ask why, rather than having a support technician call them back, they can't just remain on hold until someone is available.

Our goal is to keep no customer on hold for longer than three minutes. We don't want you to be stuck on the phone when your time could be better spent doing something else. Also, each customer that is on hold ties up a line that another customer could be using to get through to us.

96% of all technical support issues are resolved the same day. Given the number of phone lines, customer service representatives, and support technicians we have available, we feel that our system is the most efficient way of handling calls.

CFS Customer Service

Please contact us if you would like to discontinue this free monthly service.

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