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In this issue: 10% off Supplies

  • Don't Miss Your Last Chance to Save
  • Use PDF995 to E-mail Forms/Worksheets to Clients
  • Why We Love Seminars
  • W2/1099 and Starter Kits

Don't Miss Your Last Chance to Save
October 31st is your last chance to renew early and save...

  • 10% off the first-time purchase of additional CFS software or network upgrades, and
  • 10% off forms, envelopes, and tax supplies.

Click here to log in to your MyCFS account and renew online now.

Use PDF995 to E-mail Forms/Worksheets to Clients
Did you know that you can create PDF ("Portable Document Format") files of the forms and worksheets in CFS programs to e-mail to your clients? CFS programs support the use of the PDF995 printer driver to create PDF files. The driver is installed separately, and once installed can be used with any CFS program. (PDF995 can also be used with other programs, but the user must click through advertisements.)

PDF995 is included on every CFS Software CD, in the "\PDFsupport" directory. It can also be downloaded from our website. (Go to Download Demos, look for "PDF Printing Support" at the bottom of the "Downloadable Software" list, and click the "Download" button.)

Once you have installed the driver, simply select PDF995 in the printer dialog box at the beginning of a print job. This will create a PDF file rather than sending the document to your printer.

For more information, see "PDF support" in the CFS program's Help file.

Why We Love Seminars
SeminarsTax seminars are extremely important to our business. They keep us informed of changes in the industry, allow customers to give us feedback, and give us the opportunity to demonstrate our software to potential customers so that they can see for themselves how well our programs work.

Purchase software from a CFS representative at a seminar, and take advantage of our generous seminar discount, plus free shipping. And if you're in a rush and there's a long line at our booth, or if you get home and want to kick yourself because you didn't order that CFS program when you had the chanceórelax. You can still take advantage of our seminar discount (though not free shipping) if you order by phone within one week of attending the seminar.

See our website for a list of seminars CFS is attending this year.

W2/1099 and Starter Kits
We have begun shipping W2/1099 CDs to customers with CD service. If you are not sure whether or not you ordered your programs on CD, you can always check your order online by logging in to your MyCFS account. If you did not order a CD or don't want to wait for one, you can download the W2/1099 program from our software downloads page.

W2/1099 E-file Add-onWe have also begun shipping free forms starter kits to customers who either ordered W2/1099 for the first time or renewed by May 31st.

Note: If you have already purchased and installed the 2014 version of LivePayroll or 941/940, you do not need a CD or a full program download to install W2/1099. Just make sure you have downloaded and installed the Payroll System update containing the W2/1099 program (select "Update from the Web" from the "Internet Options" menu), and make sure you are using the correct license code. You can obtain your current license code by logging in to your MyCFS account.

CFS Customer Service

2-for-1 Specials
TaxTools '14 & '15 . . . . . . . . . . $199
CA 571 Preparer '14 & '15. . . . . . . $ 99
W4 Calculator '14 & '15. . . . . . . . $ 89
And beginning November 1st:
Tax Corresponder '14 & '15 . . . . . . $ 49

Please contact us if you would like to discontinue this free monthly service.

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