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10% off SuppliesIn this issue:

  • October 1st Affordable Care Act Deadline
  • Fall Renewal/Confirmation Notices
  • New Module Optimizes Social Security for Married Couples
  • W2/1099 Released

October 1st Affordable Care Act Deadline
October 1st is the deadline for businesses covered by the Fair Labor Standards Act (generally, businesses with at least one employee and at least $500,000 in annual sales) to provide written notice to employees of the options available to them under the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

Current employees must be provided with written notice by October 1, 2013. Employees hired after October 1, 2013, must be provided with notice at the time of hire. For 2014, notice is considered provided at the time of hire if it is provided within 14 days of the hire date.

The Department of Labor (DOL) has provided two model notices—one for businesses that offer a health plan, and one for businesses that do not offer a health plan—to assist employers. Both notices are included in the latest updates to Payroll System, TaxTools, and Small Business Tools. If you use any of the above programs, make sure you have updated to the latest version(s) so that you will have access to the notices. You can also download the notices from the DOL website in PDF format.

Although the DOL states on its website that "there is no fine or penalty under the law for failing to provide the notice," we encourage compliance.

Fall Renewal/Confirmation Notices
Summer is officially over, which means it's time for fall renewal and confirmation notices. If you have not renewed your CFS products for 2014, you may have already received a fall renewal notice; if you have renewed, you will soon receive a notice confirming the products you have ordered.

If you haven't yet renewed your CFS software, please consider the following benefits of renewing now:

  • Avoid the stress of having to place your order when your office and ours are at their busiest.
  • Resolve potential software or hardware problems before tax season begins by installing and testing your software early.


  • Save 10% on any first-time software purchase, and
  • Receive free, unlimited access to Tax Research Online until April 30, 2014!

Tax Research contains Internal Revenue Code, Regulations, Revenue Rulings and Procedures, Letter Rulings and other Chief Counsel Advice, Announcements, Notices, Publications, Treaties, and more. Search effortlessly through thousands of tax-related documents—from decades-old court decisions to the latest IRS press releases—using any computer with Internet access. To see a demonstration of Tax Research Online, view this video on our Instructional Videos page.

To log in to your MyCFS account and renew online, click here.

TaxToolsNew Module Optimizes Social Security for Married Couples
If you haven't yet made up your mind to renew TaxTools for 2014, maybe this will help you decide: a new module to help your clients maximize their Social Security benefits.

The Social Security Optimization for Married Couples module will determine the optimum age for each spouse to file for benefits. It will also determine if it is beneficial to apply such social security spousal options as File and Suspend, Restricted Spouse Benefit, and Voluntary Suspension of Benefits. The optimum plan may provide thousands of dollars more in benefits than start ages typically chosen by Social Security recipients.

The module will be included in the 2014 versions of both TaxTools and Financial Planning Tools. Click the preceding program links for more information or to order.

W2/1099 Released
W2/1099 Payroll System has been released and is available for downloading. If you already have 941/940 or LivePayroll, you don't need a CD or a full program download to install W2/1099. Simply select "Update from the Web" from the "Internet Options" menu of Payroll System 2013, or download and install the update from our web site, here.

W2/1099 E-File Add-OnOnce you have installed the update, make sure you are using the latest license code. Every year we receive calls from customers who are unable to access W2/1099 simply because they have not updated their license code. You can view your latest license code by logging in to your MyCFS account, here.

For tips on using W2/1099, including detailed instructions on how to obtain and update your license code, see the Year-end Forms Filing Tips for W-2s and 1099s video on our Instructional Videos page.

We will begin shipping CDs and form starter kits next month. You will receive a CD if you paid for the CD shipping option when you ordered the program. You will receive a form starter kit—an assortment of red forms, envelopes, and blank perforated stock—if you renewed W2/1099 by May 31st. If you are to receive both a CD and a starter kit, they will arrive in the same shipment.

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