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In this issue: 10% off Supplies

  • October 31st is the deadline for fall offers!
  • The Payroll System Suite
  • New York's Metropolitan Commuter Transportation Mobility Tax
  • W2/1099 and Starter Kits
  • It's seminar season!

October 31st is the deadline for fall offers!
Have you renewed your CFS software, forms, and tax supplies for 2013? If not, make sure you renew by October 31st to receive your free copy of W4 Calculator 2012. Just complete your online renewal form, add W4 Calculator to your shopping cart (make sure you select "2012" for the year), and enter Coupon Code FALL5742 into the Coupon Code field at the bottom of the Shopping Cart window.

Note: To be eligible for this offer, you must renew next year's software, forms, or tax supplies by October 31, 2012. If you have already renewed and want to take advantage of the offer, please contact us here.

Don't forget—October 31st is also the last day to save 10% on tax forms, envelopes, and other supplies, including custom folders. Our supplies are competitively priced and come in a wide variety of styles and colors—fill out this online form to request free samples.

The Payroll System Suite
Payroll System SuiteThe Payroll System Suite consists of all four of our popular Payroll System programs: LivePayroll, 941/940, W2/1099, and Payroll Corrector. These four programs are normally sold separately, but purchasing them as a bundle saves you $48 off the regular price and $58 off the renewal price.

The Payroll System Suite sells for $439 regular price ($399 renewal). The network upgrade, which covers all four programs, is $150. You cannot purchase the Payroll System Suite at our online store. Call 1-800-343-1157 to order.

New York's Metropolitan Commuter Transportation Mobility Tax
We have had a number of calls from New York customers regarding legal challenges to the Metropolitan Commuter Transportation Mobility Tax (MCTMT). One court found the tax unconstitutional, but the decision is being appealed by the state and the MTA. In the meantime, according to the state, "All taxpayers who have been paying this tax remain subject to the tax and are required to continue to pay the tax and file the required returns."

If the tax is ultimately found to be unconstitutional, taxpayers will be able to submit a claim for a refund. However, because the tax commenced in November of 2009 and there is a three-year statute of limitations, it may be necessary for some taxpayers to file a protective claim before the court decision is final.

If you paid the MCTMT tax in November of 2009 and you wish to file a protective claim, you must file it on or before November 2, 2012. Click here for more information.

W2/1099 and Starter Kits
W2/1099 E-file Add-onWe have begun shipping W2/1099 CDs to customers with CD service. If you are not sure whether or not you ordered your programs on CD, you can always check your order online by logging in to your MyCFS account. If you did not order a CD or don't want to wait for one, you can download the W2/1099 program from our software downloads page.

We have also begun shipping free forms starter kits to customers who either ordered W2/1099 for the first time or renewed by May 31st.

Note: If you have already purchased and installed the 2012 version of LivePayroll or 941/940, you do not need a CD or a full program download to install W2/1099. In fact, you may have already downloaded the Payroll System update containing the W2/1099 program. To be sure you have installed the update, select "Update from the Web" from the "Internet Options" menu of Payroll System 2012, or select "Software Updates" from the "Downloads" menu at to download and install the update manually. You may also need to update your license code. Remember—your license code changes whenever you purchase new software. You can always obtain your current license code by logging in to your MyCFS account.

It's seminar season!
Tax seminars are extremely important to our business. They keep us informed of changes in the industry, allow customers to give us feedback, and give us the opportunity to demonstrate our software to potential customers so that they can see for themselves how well our programs work. Customers who purchase CFS software at a seminar benefit from free shipping plus a discount off our already competitive prices. A list of some of the seminars we are attending this season is posted on our website.

CFS Customer Service

2-for-1 Specials

TaxTools '12 & '13 . . . . . . . . . . $189

Financial Planning Tools '12 & '13 . . $550

CA 571 Preparer '12 & '13. . . . . . . $ 99

MD Personal Property '12 & '13 . . . . $179

Quick Reference Guide '12 & '13. . . . $ 39

Payroll Corrector '12 & '13. . . . . . $ 49

And beginning November 1st:

CA Sales Tax Preparer '12 & '13. . . . $119

Tax Corresponder '12 & '13 . . . . . . $ 49

Please contact us if you would like to discontinue this free monthly service.

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