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10% off SuppliesIn this issue:

  • Fall Renewal/Confirmation Notices
  • Let your clients have it their way!
  • W2/1099 Released
  • New Letters in Tax Corresponder

Fall Renewal/Confirmation Notices
Summer is officially over, which means it's time for fall renewal and confirmation notices. If you have not renewed your CFS products for 2013, you may have already received a fall renewal notice; if you have renewed, you will soon receive a notice confirming the products you have ordered.

If you haven't yet renewed your CFS software, please consider the following benefits of renewing now:

  • Avoid the stress of having to place your order when your office and ours are at their busiest.
  • Resolve potential software or hardware problems before tax season begins by installing and testing your software early.


To log in to your MyCFS account and renew online, click here. To take advantage of the W4 Calculator offer, add W4 Calculator to your cart and use Coupon Code FALL5742. If you have already renewed, thank you for doing so—and thank yourself for making your life a little easier this tax season!

* To be eligible for this offer, you must renew next year's software by October 31, 2012. If you have already renewed and want to take advantage of the offer, please contact us here.

Let your clients have it their way!
W4 CalculatorAs a tax preparer, you know that the wisest thing your clients can do when filling out a W-4 is to do so as accurately as possible to ensure that, ideally, they neither owe nor pay tax when they file their return. However, you also know that some clients prefer to get that big refund.

W4 Calculator will calculate the correct number of withholding allowances for your clients, so that they can come as close as possible to "breaking even" at the end of the year. However, it can also be used to calculate the number of withholding allowances to get a desired refund. It also calculates DE-4 allowances for California taxpayers and generates Forms W-4, W-4P, W-4V, DE-4, DE-4P, 1040-ES, and 540-ES.

W4 Calculator normally sells for $89. However, if you renew your CFS software by October 31st, you will receive the 2012 version of W4 Calculator free! (See above article.)

Try W4 Calculator—once you have, you'll find it indispensable!

W2/1099 Released
W2/1099 Payroll System has been released and is available for downloading. If you already have 941/940 or LivePayroll, you don't need a CD or a full program download to install W2/1099. Simply select "Update from the Web" from the "Internet Options" menu of Payroll System 2012, or download and install the update from our web site, here.

Once you have installed the update, make sure you are using the latest license code. Every year we receive calls from customers who are unable to access W2/1099 simply because they have not updated their license code. You can view your latest license code by logging in to your MyCFS account, here.

For tips on using W2/1099, including detailed instructions on how to obtain and update your license code, see the Year-end Forms Filing Tips for W-2s and 1099s video on our Instructional Videos page.

CDs and form starter kits will be shipped in October and November. You will receive a CD if you paid for the CD shipping option when you ordered the program. You will receive a form starter kit—an assortment of red forms, envelopes, and blank perforated stock—if you renewed W2/1099 by May 31st. If you are to receive both a CD and a starter kit, they will arrive in the same shipment.

Tax CorresponderNew Letters in Tax Corresponder
We have recently added tax planning letters to Tax Corresponder 2012 addressing the expiring Bush Tax Cuts and the new Health Care Act taxes. We have also updated the "Year End Tax Tidbits" letter.

The letters in Tax Corresponder were written by experienced tax preparers and can be customized to suit your needs. Client data can be imported from other CFS programs and other major tax preparation programs, then mail-merged to create a personalized letter to each of your clients.

If you have Tax Corresponder 2012, install the update containing the new letters by using the "Update from the Web" option within the program, or download the update here.

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Quick Reference Guide '12 & '13. . . . $ 39

Payroll Corrector '12 & '13. . . . . . $ 49

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