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  • Spring Renewal Notices
  • What happened to Corrector 2012?
  • Don't forget your first-time-purchase discount!
  • We value your input!

Spring Renewal Notices
Your CFS Spring Renewal mailer will be arriving soon. Included are:

  • a renewal form for software, forms, and tax supplies;
  • a copy of our catalog;
  • a copy of the "CFS Software News" newsletter; and
  • a business reply envelope.

Renew by May 31, 2012, for the biggest savings on CFS software, forms and tax supplies:

  • Receive an automatic discount on each program renewed early last year.
  • Earn a discount towards next year's spring renewal for each program renewed early this year.
  • Take 20% off forms and tax supplies.
  • Take 20% off any first-time software purchase.

Click here to renew the quickest, easiest way—online, using your MyCFS account!

NOTE: If you renew online, you do not need to return the paper renewal form.

What happened to Corrector 2012?
If you purchased Payroll Return Corrector in the past, you may wonder why, on this year's renewal notice, we are asking you to renew the program for 2013, not 2012. We used to release Corrector in late summer or early fall, at the same time as W2/1099. However, this year we moved the release date to the first of the year, to correspond with the release date of 941/940 and LivePayroll. This means that Corrector 2012 has already been released, and therefore does not qualify for early renewal.

Confused? Don't be. Just renew your Payroll Corrector for 2013 to qualify for early renewal. You will receive the program next January. Meanwhile, if you need the 2012 program, it's available now. Click here to order it online.

LivePayrollDon't forget your first-time-purchase discount!
If you renew your CFS software by May 31st, you can take 20% off any first-time software purchase. Is there a CFS program you've been thinking of trying? If so, now is the time.

For example, are you looking for a simple, reasonably-priced payroll program? CFS LivePayroll makes it easy to process payroll—either actively or after-the-fact—and file all of the necessary payroll tax returns. LivePayroll automatically calculates wages based on the employee’s annual salary or hours worked and hourly rate, federal withholding, state withholding, local withholding, Social Security, Medicare, and other payroll deductions. The program allows you to customize income, tax, and deduction items for each employer, and print paychecks on blank check stock, preprinted checks, or as pay stubs.

Schedule D ToolsMaybe you're concerned about the complicated new Schedule D reporting rules. If so, you might want to try Schedule D Tools. Schedule D Tools keeps track of clients' cost basis in stocks across multiple portfolios. Reports include a fileable Form 8949, as well as a Realized Gains and Losses report to produce the net amounts needed for your tax preparation software. Schedule D Tools allows data entry throughout the year for high volume traders, generates reports to facilitate mid-year tax planning, and calculates and correctly reports complicated wash sales—even same-day and cross-portfolio wash sales. There's a free Data Entry version available to give to your clients so that they can enter their own transactions.

Be sure to take advantage of the first-time-purchase discount—
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We value your input!
Customer input is an important part of our software development philosophy. Over the years, many enhancements to our programs have come from the suggestions of our customers. If you have an idea for a new program, module, or feature, we would really love to hear it. Please e-mail your suggestions to us at

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