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Custom FoldersIn this issue:

  • Changes to Form 2848
  • Last chance to return forms!
  • New Release Date for Payroll Corrector
  • Have you renewed your software, forms, and supplies?
  • Technical Support Options
  • The 940 update has been posted!

Changes to Form 2848
The IRS recently released a new version of Form 2848, Power of Attorney. Changes to the form include:

  • Adding RTRP as a designation for limited practice before the IRS;
  • Adding a place for RTRP holders to indicate their PTIN number;
  • No longer allowing joint return authorizations—authorizations are allowed for only one Taxpayer Identification Number and client signature;
  • Requiring CPAs to indicate their CPA enrollment number for the state in which they are licensed to practice;
  • Requiring practitioners to affirmatively select to be copied on client notices, if they choose to be;
  • Eliminating the option to receive a client’s refund check;
  • Adding checkboxes to clearly authorize acts such as: disclosure of tax return information to third parties, practitioner authorization to sign a client return, and substituting or adding a representative.

Because it is not known how long the IRS will continue to accept the previous version of Form 2848, it is recommended that practitioners file the new form to ensure proper processing. The new Form 2848 is included in the latest updates of CFS TaxTools and Payroll System.

Last chance to return forms!
Our return policy states that tax forms must be returned "within 30 days of receipt, but no later than December 15th of the same tax year." If you haven't yet done so, please inspect your shipment of tax forms and other supplies. Verify that we sent you the correct items and that there is nothing you forgot to order. Also, keep in mind that items are sometimes damaged in transit. Forms and envelopes must be returned sealed and unused, and refunds will not include shipping charges.

New Release Date for Payroll Corrector
As we announced in last month's e-news, beginning next year Payroll Return Corrector will be released in January rather than September, so that users will have earlier access to the latest Forms 941x, 943x, 944x, and 945x. The program may also be used to correct W-2s from prior years by importing prior year data, and may be used to correct 2012 W-2s after W2/1099 Payroll System is released.

Have you renewed your software, forms, and supplies?
If not, why not? Tax season is just around the corner—don't be caught unprepared. With your MyCFS account, it's easy to renew online. You can also use your MyCFS account to:

W2/1099 E-file Add-onW2/1099 users — Have you renewed W2/1099 Payroll System? Whereas 941/940 Payroll System is released in January, W2/1099 Payroll System is not released until September. This sometimes confuses customers, particularly when they order both programs at the same time, but for different years. You may think you have already renewed this year's program, when you actually ordered last year's program.

There is an easy way to check what software you have or have not ordered. Using your MyCFS account, just check your license codes on our web site. This page will tell you your license code for each year, along with a list of the programs you are licensed for. (If you have renewed W2/1099, make sure you have updated Payroll System with the license code on this page!)

And don't forget our W2/1099 E-File add-on — Click here to order.

Technical Support Options
Our toll-free number, (800) 343-1157, is only one of six ways you can get technical assistance. The others are:

  • Online Chat – Click the Chat with Technical Support button on our home page to open a text-based chat session with a technical support representative. The service is available during normal business hours; at other times you will be given the option of e-mailing your question.
  • Remote Support – During an online chat session or phone conversation, the support technician can connect to your computer via the Internet. This is done using a secure connection and only with your permission. We can fix problems directly or demonstrate use of the program on your own computer.
  • Online Tech Support Request – Under the "Internet Options" menu of most of our programs, select "CFS Tech Support Request..." to fill in an online form detailing your problem. Your request will be answered by e-mail or phone within one business day. The Technical Support Request form can also be accessed from the Technical Support page of our web site.
  • Frequently Asked Questions – Click the FAQ button under "Quick Links" on our home page to view a knowledge base containing detailed solutions to many common technical support issues.
  • Instructional Videos – The Instructional Videos page is available from the Support menu at or from a link in the Help menu of most CFS programs. These brief videos can assist you with such things as downloading and updating software, using our Online Tax Research site, and performing specific tasks in CFS programs.

The 940 update has been posted!
The 940 update has been posted on our website. The update includes the new Forms 940 and 2848 (see above article), as well as other updates. The update can be downloaded automatically from within the program, or manually from the Payroll System Updates page on our website. Later this month, we will mail an update CD to 941/940 Payroll System users who purchased 2011 update CD service.

If you are a 941/940 user, have you considered upgrading to CFS LivePayroll? LivePayroll is the easy way to process payroll, print paychecks, and file payroll returns. LivePayroll allows you to:

  • Print real returns and paychecks in minutes with an intuitive and easy-to-use interface that is common to other CFS programs.
  • Enter payroll data on a daily, quarterly, monthly or paycheck basis.
  • Automatically calculate wages based on the employee’s annual salary or hours worked and hourly rate, federal withholding, state withholding, local withholding, Social Security, Medicare, and other payroll deductions.
  • Customize income, tax, and deduction items for each employer.
  • Print pay stubs, preprinted checks, or blank check stock using included MICR font (a $139 value).
  • Produce payroll for an unlimited number of employers with an unlimited number of employees.
  • Import QuickBooks® after-the-fact paycheck data to save data entry time.
  • Use all of the forms and features of 941/940 Payroll System, included at no extra charge.

Happy Holidays from CFS!

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