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In this issue:

  • CFS is now on Facebook and Twitter!
  • Form 941-X Released
  • Time is running out for early renewal discounts!
  • Want to avoid sales tax by downloading CFS software?
  • Happy Memorial Day

CFS is now on Facebook and Twitter!
You can now use your favorite social media to stay informed of CFS program releases, updates and other news.

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Form 941-X Released
The IRS recently released a new version of Form 941-X, used to correct errors on a previously filed Form 941. Form 941-X is included in CFS Payroll Return Corrector, one of our CFS Payroll System suite of programs. An update for Payroll System 2011, including the new Form 941-X, has been posted on our web site.

Time is running out for early renewal discounts!
There are only a few days left to take advantage of our biggest renewal discounts of the year. Renew by May 31, 2011, for the biggest savings on CFS software, forms and tax return supplies:

  • Use discount vouchers for programs renewed early last year.
  • Earn $10 discount vouchers to apply to next year's spring renewal.
  • Take 20% off forms, envelopes, folders, checks, and labels.
  • Take 20% off any first-time software purchase.

The quickest, easiest way to renew is by using your MyCFS online account.

NOTE: If you renew online, you do not need to return the paper renewal form.

Want to avoid sales tax by downloading CFS software?
If you are a California resident (or, in some cases, a resident of another state purchasing software at a seminar), when you purchase a program on CD we must collect sales tax because you are receiving a tangible product (the CD). When you download a program from the Internet, we do not collect sales tax because there is no tangible product involved.

Seems simple, doesn’t it? It is—if you are only purchasing one program. However, because most of our programs come on one Multi-Program CD, you may be charged sales tax on a downloaded program if you purchase a CD, even if you purchase the CD for a different program at a different time.

If, for example, you purchase TaxTools in January and download the program from the Internet, you will not be charged sales tax. However, when it comes time to buy CA Sales Tax Preparer in February, let’s say you decide to purchase the program on CD. Of course, you would expect to pay sales tax on CA Sales Tax Preparer. However, you probably did not realize that, because TaxTools is on the same CD, we must also retroactively collect sales tax on your previous purchase of TaxTools.

SuppliesIf you are a California resident or are purchasing software at a seminar in a state where you reside, the following rule applies to all CFS software that is sold on the Multi-Program CD (i.e., everything but Tax Research and Fill-N-Print): if you purchase any program on CD, we must charge you the applicable sales tax on every program you have purchased—or purchase in the future—that is also contained on that CD, even if you download it.

If you wish to avoid paying sales tax, make sure you download all of your CFS software!

Happy Memorial Day
CFS will be closed on Monday, May 30th, in observance of Memorial Day. "Through their deeds, the dead of battle have spoken more eloquently for themselves than any of the living ever could."—Abraham Lincoln

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