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  • 2010 E-File Update
  • Form 5500-EZ
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2010 E-File Update
Each year we receive calls from customers asking why our programs don't support e-filing for Form 941 or a particular state payroll or sales tax form.

To begin with, there are two methods of e-filing forms—web-based and file-upload. With web-based e-filing, the user must manually log in to a government website and fill out the necessary information on a succession of screens. When finished, the user hits a "submit" button, and the form is filed. With web-based e-filing, our software can indirectly aid the user by compiling data and providing software-generated reports containing the information to be manually entered online.

With the file-upload method of e-filing, the user creates a file from within a software program, and the file is uploaded to a government website. Usually, the software user/preparer directly submits the file to the government. However, sometimes the file-upload method requires the software company to act as an intermediary or third-party provider; the user sends the file to the software company, and the software company forwards the file to the government. With the file-upload method of e-filing, it may be possible for our software to create the file to be uploaded. However, if the software company is required to submit the file, CFS is not equipped to act as a third-party provider.

We can only offer e-file for forms where the file-upload method is available and no third-party provider is required.

Details follow regarding the latest e-file developments in California Sales Tax Preparer, New York Sales Tax Preparer, and CFS Payroll System.

California Sales Tax Preparer— The California State Board of Equalization has recently developed a Direct Transmit Program for software developers. We are enrolled in the testing and certification process for this program. Once this process is completed, California Sales Tax Preparer users will be able to transmit returns and payments directly to the BOE electronically and receive confirmation that the return and payment have been received.

NY Sales Tax Preparer— New York has recently imposed “e-file mandates” for certain tax preparers and businesses that prepare their own returns. Information regarding the mandates is posted online— here, for tax preparers, and here, for businesses that self-file. We have also provided links to these pages within NY Sales Tax Preparer, so that users may determine whether or not the mandate applies to them. If it does, the user must manually enter the data online, as the system is web-based. However, the software can be used to prepare printed forms to assist in manually entering the information online.

CFS Payroll System currently supports payroll form e-filing for a number of states that use the file-upload method with no third-party provider requirement. We will offer e-filing for additional state forms—and for Form 941—if and when it is possible to submit those forms using the file-upload method with no third-party provider requirement.

Form 5500-EZ
Lately, we have been receiving a lot of calls from customers regarding Form 5500-EZ, Annual Return of One-Participant (Owners and Their Spouses) Retirement Plan. This form is included in TaxTools and Small Business Tools. The current year's version of the form has just been released by the IRS. We will notify customers by e-mail when an update containing Form 5500-EZ has been posted for download.

Remember—if you have a dedicated high-speed Internet connection such as DSL or cable, you can configure most CFS programs to automatically check for updates each time you run the program. Click "Configuration" on the toolbar, and check the box next to "Check for web updates when program starts."

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